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Italian Restaurant


Simple, Good,

Beautiful food,

with fresh ingredients always.

Evening Menu

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Gnocchetti al Pomodoro    £5.45

Italian Gnocchi (light potato dumplings) cooked in a tomatoes sauce with rosemary and white Wine served with garlic toasted ciabatta......just like nonna used to cook them!!! (V)



Antipasto Romeo e Giulietta (to share)     £10.75

A selection of Italian cured hams and salami, marinated sun dried tomatoes, mixed olives, onions in balsamic and mozzarella cheese, served with warm crusty bread on a sharing platter….Rustic Taste!!



Bruschetta Toscana     £5.25

Prepered with Cherry tomatoes, Basil pesto & Red Onions, served on Toasted Garlic Bread. (V)



Crostini Formaggio di Capra     £5.85

Heavenly Goats cheese on Ciabatta bread, oven-baked with caramelized balsamic onions, mixed leaf salad and drizzled with fresh light pesto.



Zuppa del Giorno     £4.95

A home-made warming soup of the day, served with crusty bread.



Bruschetta con Funghi     £5.25

Traditional toasted Bruschetta served with fresh mushrooms sautéed in olive oil, parsley, thyme and garlic.



Bruschettone Sfizzioso     £5.85

Large Garlic Bruschetta Baked with fresh tomatoes, Cured Ham, Parsley, Olive oil, Caramelized Onions, Grana Padano Cheese and Topped with Rocket salad….. full of flavour with simplicity.



Gamberoni Saltati con Aglio     £5.95

King prawns, sautéed in olive oil, fresh garlic and parsley, served on a bed of salad with an Italian toasted bread.



Ciabatta con Salsiccia e Spinaci     £5.75      

Simply tasty....sautéed coarse Italian sausage in olive oil with garlic, spinach sun-dried tomatoes and Lemon, served on bruschetta bread.



Secondi Piatti




Pollo alla Diavola        £11.50

Supreme of Chicken oven roasted with Rosemary. Lemon,

Red Onions, White Wine and Garlic, served with Focaccia Bread and fresh Parsley.


Salmone in crosta con Insalata e pane all'aglio    £12.50

Roasted Herbs crust Salmon*, served with mixed leafy salad, Oven dried Tomatoes, Garlic baton and Lemon Dressing .


Pollo della nonna     £11.95

Chicken breast Roasted with herbs, garlic mushrooms, Gnocchi (light potato dumpling) Rosemary and Sage finished with cream.....a popular choice!!!


Scaloppine di Manzo al Marsala £12.95

Escalope of Beef topped with cured Ham and melted Cheese served in sweet  Marsala wine sauce. (Marsala is a typical sweet wine from Sicily)


Pollo alla Mafiosa £11.75

A Classic dish that combines Chicken breast Sautéed in Olive Oil, Garlic and white wine, finished with Italian Gorgonzola (Blue-Cheese) and a touch of cream....


Agnello al Rosmarino £15.25

Oven roasted Rump of Lamb served in a Red wine and Honey reduction infused with Rosemary, served with duo of vegetables


Bistecca di manzo al Gorgonzola

e glassa di Balsamico £16.75

A tender 8oz Sirloin Steak, cooked to your liking served with Gorgonzola blue cheese and cream sauce, rustic tomatoes and drizzled with Balsamic Glaze.

Steaks can be cooked plain as required.

(for tables of 8 or above steaks will be cooked medium)


(for tables of 8 or above steaks will be cooked the same for the entire party)



All main courses are served with House sautéed potato and salad unless otherwise stated

Piatti di Pasta e Riso




Spaghetti alla Carbonara £10.75

Spaghetti Pasta cooked in a rich and creamy Carbonara sauce with Diced Bacon and cracked Pepper


Fusilli Rusticana £11.25

Torn Chicken Breast Cooked with Rosemary, Tomatoes, fresh parsley, Garlic, Onions, with Fusilli Pasta.


Penne con Prosciutto, Funghi e Timo   £10.95

Penne pasta with ham, mushrooms and thyme with a drizzle of tomato and a hint of cream... A house favourite.


Spaghetti al Pomodoro      £9.95

Pure and simple- Spaghetti Pasta, Cherry tomatoes, Herbs and a rich tomato sauce with Olive Oil.


Risotto con Funghi, Timo e Prezzemolo.   £11.25

Italian Risotto prepared with Mushrooms, Thyme, Grana Padano cheese, Parsley and Garlic ......A Classic!!!!


Penne con Gamberoni, Pomodorini & Limone   £12,75

Penne Pasta with sautéed King Prawns, Garlic, White Wine, Lemon, Cream, Cherry Tomatoes and Herbs...… Buon Appetito!!


Lasagne al Forno alla bolognese  £10.95

Rich Beef ragu with Red wine, Garlic, Tomatoes & béchamel (cheese sauce), Layers of pasta topped with Grana Padano Cheese


Fusilli con salsiccia e spinaci    £11.25

Fusilli Pasta with Italian Sausage, Roasted peppers and spinach with herbs, in a Red wine & tomatoes sauce….Bellissimo!!!




Pasta is served with side salad, sauces & garnishes can contain gluten and allergens,